Kona Kamps

Kona Kamps

“Age groupers are the race.”


Your podcast channel for all things triathlon with the age grouper always front and center. You get all the inspiration and information you need to succeed…and friendly hosts that know a thing or two about triathlon.



David and Lilias Young do a weekly interview with a female age group winner at an Ironman-distance race. Find out the secrets and the struggles of racing at the highest level while managing a regular life at home and work.



Rebecca McKee and Carla McKay talk about everything you need to know to succeed at triathlon. How to get started, how to go to the next level, how to train, what to wear, what to avoid, who to meet, how to have fun.



Leslie Myers from foodsensenow.com, an age group champion Ironman, shares with us some recipes for successful eating and refueling. Lilias and David Young marvel how good and easy they are!