Power Program

You bought it, now use it to win.

We want to help age-groupers use their cycling and run power meters to actually improve performance and stamina!

Email power@konakamps.com if you’d like to participate.

The Kona Kamps “Power Program” is a unique opportunity for age-groupers around the world to get in-depth coaching about using your cycling or run power meter to improve performance and stamina.

So often, we buy power meters to gauge our training or racing “zones” but we don’t know how to use these sensors to help us improve. Power meters offer a wealth of information about all aspects of our racing and training performance and, when used with knowledge, can light the way to tremendous performance and stamina gains!

To be part of the Kona Kamps Power Program, you must have a working power meter for cycling or running and have logged 2-3 months of current data in Training Peaks or a similar data repository (including files). You will provide Kona Kamps with access to your training data so that we can do a 2-3 month retrospective analysis of your training. We will then tape and episode of the show with you reviewing the data and providing some specific prescriptions for improvement. You will provide regular updates to Kona Kamps (via your mobile phone) recording how key workouts turned out. After three months, we’ll have you back of the show to assess success.

What if you have a coach? Think of the Kona Kamps Power Program as a beneficial addition to your coaching staff. We don’t take the place of a coach, but the program does provide you with specific types of workouts you need to be accomplishing on a regular basis to improve your speed, VO2max, FTP, stamina, etc. Think of us as the data-science assistant to the coach you love!

Example episode: Lilias Young Wants Power. This is an example of a Kona Kamps Power Program assessment done for show-host Lilias Young.

The Kona Kamps Power Program was developed in conjunction with Nicoli Coaching and The Endurance Quant.